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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 19 May 2020: The Management Committee has investigated the staged relaxations of the COVID-19 restrictions by Queensland Health Regulations applicable to the Clubs’ activities and decided to hold walks which are capped at 10 persons. The club's COVID-19 Safe Management Plan provides specific details on how walks will be managed at this time. All members are asked to read the plan before joining a walk.

Walks usually depart from the park at the intersection of South and Nicholas Streets, Ipswich, opposite the Ipswich Civic Centre, unless noted otherwise in the event descriptions in the Newsletter. The departure or commencement time of any event shall be as noted in the respective event description. For more details regarding walks please refer to the Newsletter.

Most people choose to come on a walk first. Use the Calendar Of Events along with Event Descriptions in the Newsletter to choose a walk that is suitable for you, then contact the Leader whose contact details appear with the description. Have a chat to them about any questions you have and let them know you would like to go. A Membership Form is available on this website. The Membership Form includes our updated Risk Management Plan, also available seperately here. Memberships are renewed annually, according to the financial year, requiring a new Membership Form each time.

A walk grading system is used to help determine suitability of walks for participants, however it is always adviseable to contact the Walk Leader prior to the departure date if there is any doubt.
BC - Base Camp
BK - Bike Ride
DW - Day Walk
HD - Half Day Walk
S&T - Safety & Training
SOC - Social Activity
TW - Through Walk
(Letter code)
S - Short (less than 10 km per day)
M - Medium (10 - 15 km per day)
L - Long (15 - 20 km per day)
X - Extra long (greater than 20 km per day)
1st number code)
1-3 - Graded or open terrain. No scrub
4-7 - Bush. Minor scrub rainforest, rock, creek, rockhopping, scrambling
8-10 - Bush. As above plus thick scrub, major rock, scrambling using hands, technical
2nd number code)
1-3 - Easy. Suitable for beginners
4-7 - Medium. Reasonable fitness required
8-10 - Hard. Strenuous, fit walkers only

NOTE:- Walk Grades up to M33 are recommended for beginners.

Bushwalkers are required to bring the following for day walks:
* Back pack
* Two litres of water
* First aid kit
* Sunscreen
* Insect repellent
* Hat
* Torch & Whistle
* Sturdy walking shoes or boots, and socks
* Shorts and light long-sleeved shirt are recommended
* Rainproof jacket, jumper
* Personal toiletries
* Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea
* High energy snacks such as chocolates or raisins
* A change of clothes for the trip home

Any Club Member is welcome to organise and lead a walk, we encourage this to provide greater variety of walks. Simply come along and suggest your walk ideas at a Meeting. Walk Leaders are requested to carry the Club's First Aid Kit and complete a Walk Record Report form, accessible here. Please complete the required details and return it, with fees collected at the end of the walk or next Meeting.

As a backup safety measure, the Club has an Emergency Contact Phone, number 0419 390 169. The person in possession of this phone can contact emergency services in the event of a walk failing to complete by a set time. The Walk Leader keeps this person up to date on the status of the walk and its participants.

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