Ipswich Bush Walkers Inc'

Ipswich Bushwalkers Inc.


Ipswich Bushwalkers Inc.


Walks usually depart from the park at the intersection of South and Nicholas Streets, Ipswich, opposite the Ipswich Civic Centre, unless noted otherwise in the event descriptions in the Newsletter. The departure or commencement time of any event shall be as noted in the respective event description. For more details regarding walks please refer to the Newsletter.


Most people choose to come on an easy walk first. Our upcoming activities can be viewed at https://ipswichbushwalkers.mybilby.com/. Select your walk then select Can I Attend? create a new account and follow the prompts. You’ll get an opportunity to ask questions. Website Help & Support is available on the bottom of the page.


As a backup safety measure, the Club has an Emergency Contact Phone, number 0419 390 169. The person in possession of this phone can contact emergency services in the event of a walk failing to complete by a set time. The Walk Leader keeps this person up to date on the status of the walk and its participants

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